Fine art at its finest

I woke up this morning and found a great work of art on the kitchen table so I was like, “MOM, WHAT IS THIS?”


And she was like, “Oh yeah, your cousin made that for you because she remembered how much you liked the other picture she gave you.”

This, my friends, is 3-D pop up art–propped up by meticulously rolled pieces of scotch tape. We’ve got a happy mushroom family, accompanied by “their friend the worm.”

I love this. I love it so much I brought it to work and placed it at the top of my bulletin board, along with my photos of family and saint quotes and stuff.


I love that blue, blue sky that frames the top; the side-smile of the dad mush room, baby mushroom’s bounce and how all of the mushroom caps vary in color.

Art is the best. And gifted art is even better.

Thanks, youngest-cousin-whose-name-I-will-withhold-since-you’re-a-minor-and-this-is-the-internet!

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