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Crafting Challenge 2013: Mr. C!!

Mr. C!
Mr. C!
It is March! High time for a Crafting post!! (January and February here).

Now, I usually post these on the 13th or 14th…but I waited until the 17th for this one. You see, Mr. C is an Irishman and we all know that the 17th, St. Patrick’s Day, is a special day for the Irish.

When I saw that Mr. C signed up for the crafting challenge, I was a wee bit perplexed. Probably because he’s a dad and stuff…and what kind of crafts are you supposed to make for dads, you know?

But, most guys like food (generally speaking), so I figured it was a safe bet. I decided early on in the game to make St. Patrick’s Day food…but I needed to browse Pinterest a bit first.

Eventually I came across the idea of truffles. I liked it. They’re fun but also kind of a treat.

Now, we’re all Catholic up in here, so I was doubly-lucky that St. Paddy’s day was on a Sunday…just in case anyone gave up chocolate for Lent. 😉

Here’s a quick run-down:
Gather ingredients for the filling: chocolate and sweetened condensed milk and vanilla.

Melt them in a double-boiler. Or, if you don’t have a double boiler, concoct one using a pot and a bowl.

Stir until smooth and lovely and delicious. Then chill.

Roll into wee balls o’ goodness.

Coat in melted chocolate, love and golden sprinkles.

Ta da!!

Door290Finally, deliver (preferably in a leprechaun pot with gold wrapping and a rainbow ribbon).

This was fun. I actually got lost in their winding subdivision, called their college-aged son, and played my first-ever game of ding-dong-ditch with my adrenaline all high and what not.

I delivered Sunday morning figuring they’d be at church. Ha HA! Sneaky, sneaky bear!

I was alerted Sunday evening that the package had been discovered by this lovely poem by Mr. C:

When out on the lawn I heard such a clatter,
I went to the porch to see what was the matter–
And what did I see?
A pot of gold
a Polish leprechaun
left for me!

What was inside was better than gold,
I let out a cry that I couldn’t muffles.
Why it was a pot full of chocolate truffles

With a twinkle of an eye
two lovely lasses
pushed me clean out of sight….

The poem continues, but I shall end this post of said Irish lasses eating chocolate.

Successful crafting ftw!


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