This is my Camino. Welcome.

The Camino, Elections, and Fears/Lies in our ears

I’ll open this post by referencing another blog, one written by a Mormon mama who is interesting, talented, and has incredible home-birth stories. Just saying. Fact: she has also struggled with infertility.

I loved her most recent post. She and her husband are having another baby! I love several things that she said, one of them being how much she loves her husband baby-daddy (“Of all the things I love to do in this world, having babies with Christopher Kendrick is my most favorite of all.”)

Want to know something else that can be taken to heart? That paragraph about the lies of infertility.

Infertility is such a shadow. It sneaks up on you and overwhelms you and tells you things like “you’ll never have children” or “you’ll never have any more children” and then one day you have three with one on the way in spring and you’re forced to admit you listened to the lies of your former nemesis for too long.

Lies. Not just infertility lies, but any lies and fears that find their ways into our minds, darkening our vision. It’s a good topic to touch upon, I feel.

Want to know some fears I’ve listened to too closely lately? They’re mostly Camino fears. I’m slated to take another group come summer 2013.

Fear #1: As you know (probably), I was diagnosed as meat-free and gluten-free a few months ago.


Fear #2: I said that I was envisioning twenty people on this trip. People are excited and responsive…but not committing.

“NO ONE IS GOING TO COME, “said fearful internal-voice.

I even texted my sister, “What if it’s just you and me on this Camino?”

She texted back, “Sounds like a good time.”

And, she’s right. Even if things aren’t as I excepted…it doesn’t mean the world is going to end.

Want to hear good news?

When I bought my plane ticket there was a drop-down menu I’d never seen before…for plane diners with dietary restrictions. There was a gluten-free option. 🙂 I selected that option. Due to the goodness of someone’s heart, I can now know that on my multiple-hour flight across an ocean I’ll have more options than breaded meat, rolls, and those lovely little European cookie-crackers. (!!)

Perhaps you don’t count this as a grace. I do.

And then a friend from across the United States messaged me that my Camino-adventure sounds great and they want to join. My soul smiled. I did a happy-dance. Fears are unfounded: God is good, I will have a group join me on my Camino.

Joseph and baby Jesus @ St. Al’s.

Today I went to church and knelt to pray. In said kneeling-location one can see the Mary statue, the Joseph statue, and Jesus statue. I shot a quick glance at the Mary and Joseph statues and mentally said, “Pray for my Camino, guys, OK?”

And I felt them say, “Oh, we’re praying harder than you are.”

Of course they are.

What does this have to do with the election? Well, the election is huge and it’s great that we have the ability to vote and yes, yes, yes. However, come tomorrow when new people are elected, whether for good or for ill, I feel that God will still be a good God. He’ll still be guiding our lives.

I’m not saying don’t vote, I’m saying: don’t panic if the “wrong” or “less-of-two-wrongs” wins. Be still. Be still and know that God is God.

Know that God loves us. Know that God cares for us and will sustain us on our caminos.

Address the lies that tell you anything else, OK? They’re wrong.

Also: know that Iberia now offers Gluten-free menu options. HaHA! Winning!!

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