Friend, I want to join you with deeper compassion, Feel your pain, know your sorrow. But I know that the key to expanding compassion Is to experience more profound suffering, And, if I'm being totally honest, I'm afraid of that. Jesus, Help me to be Brave.

The most blog of posts

Where we at, world? Update on meself, here: Reading Love Poems from God, a series of poems from saints and religious from the traditions of the East and West i.e. we got some Catholic greats in there (looking at you, Francis of Assisi/ Catherine of Sienna/ John of the Cross), but also, sacred voices from... Continue Reading →

Scrawled on a scrap of paper

So often my love means routine and I am not one for routine, generally, nor am I naturally disposed to it. But, here I am, at 6:47 a.m., anyway, God, because I know I can't do any of this without You, as tempting as it might be to try.

It’s more complicated than that

"Well," the priest said, "why don't you just purchase two tickets to Spain and show up at his work and say, 'Hey, I bought these, let's be friends again, also, let's walk the Camino like we always said we would.'" And then I laughed at him because life is not a rom com.

On the goodness of God

(Reposting from Facebook, with the promise that I'll update with another post soon!) Do you want to hear a story about the goodness of God? Soooo what had happened was, I am renting a lil cottage in Canada for the weekend, just to do some art and writing. Before I left this morning, I called... Continue Reading →

‘Sup-date on a dinner party

  The great news is that I finished the text end of the application I’ve been working on. 55 pages of fun, people-of-God. 55. Single-spaced. Ask me my favorite new obscure saints because, I’ve got you, fam. The overwhelming news is that: I have now started part two of this process which is: plugging images... Continue Reading →

And runnin’ runnin’

Hello humans, An update on life, my life.   Here's the reality: I'm working on an application for work. It's an important one, maybe the most historically significant bit of work I have ever handled, something that will be given to the Archbishop and to the Bishops of the United States, and then (if I've... Continue Reading →

My newest lino

I have several ideas for linoblock cuts. One I've already started, and it's in my room. It's the largest one I've ever done and I started it, got a little scared, and stopped. I knew I wanted to make a different one, too, simpler, and I purchased the block for the simpler one. That, too,... Continue Reading →

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