This is my Camino. Welcome.

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Where we at, world? Update on meself, here:

Love Poems from God, a series of poems from saints and religious from the traditions of the East and West i.e. we got some Catholic greats in there (looking at you, Francis of Assisi/ Catherine of Sienna/ John of the Cross), but also, sacred voices from Eastern religions and, you know, I’m having a delightful time.

Well, partly delightful and partly really intense in ways that are making me gasp.

Maybe reading someone’s poetry is like unlocking another understanding of who they are.

Like, I don’t know that I’ve ever read St. John of the Cross. But, man, I feel like I know his heart.

My coworkers wanted to try a vegan challenge this week and asked me if I’d join them. As I’m already a a vegetarian, I figured that I had kind of a head start anyway, and I figured I’d support their endeavor, you know? Like, be a good friend and stuff.

Saturday I went out and bought alllll the stuff including new plastic reusable containers because that’s what’s up.

Sunday I meal-prepped for a few hours.

Monday morning I made a weird green smoothie before remembering: I don’t like cold stuff, so instead I waited for it to melt and ate it all morning and then my coworkers told me: they’re not actually doing it, they chickened out.

But your girl has got a full week of vegan food prepped and I don’t want to waste it, soooo…

Also, the recipes aren’t even that good! I’ve been “cheating” a little bit with extra guac. Still vegan, though. (It’s only 2 days in).

(Jesus, take the wheel).

I saw this jump rope video challenge a few weeks back and started it promptly. I mean, obviously. Who doesn’t want to look like that guy?? Real talk, though, I wanted to try something new, exercise-wise, and I am enjoying myself with this.

Listening to
Honestly, a weird assortment of crap. 😀 Anything to get me through the long days at work where I’m still chugging away at the minor basilica application. I’ve listened to the Christ the King Easter Vigil all the way through for a few times. So, I’ve got that going for me.

Stressed out of my mind about
Lots of things. There’s a lot going on at work, plus responsibilities at home and most days I just hope I make it through.


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