This is my Camino. Welcome.



Every year for the past EIGHT years I have attended a remarkable retreat over New Year’s at Marytown.

Not this year, though.

For reasons outside of of knowledge, said retreat is cancelled.

My yearly connection with all that is good and holy, my yearly refocus and refresh and rejuvenation…gone.

To say I’m lost is like an understatement.


So, like Ursula, I decided to take matters into my own tentacles.

Behold ye: Winter mini-Camino hike that spans 33+ miles of Michigan lovin’.

Why did you pick a hike?
Because I like hiking. Nature is good for the soul.

Where ya’ll hiking?
It’s this ol’ Rails-to-Trails hike. So, where there used to be a defunct railroad, now there is a crushed gravel trail, and we’re gon’ walk it.

How far?
33+ miles. The “+” because what if we need to get snacks or backtrack or something, you know?

How long?
Well, four nights.

Where will you be staying?
Assorted places. One night a Christian kids camp, one night a hotel, a coupla Airbnb’s.

What if it snows?
Here’s what I’m thinking:
1. It isn’t often super snowy in Michigan around December.
2. If it does snow, it’s at night.
3. If it is going to snow during the day, we hear about it on the news.
4. Each hike is only like 10 miles.

So, if it turns out that, in an odd situation, there is a blizzard during the day…we can just drive to our next stop, methinks. That’s my game plan. That plus, “Everyone walks with a buddy they can at least see even if they don’t talk to them AT ALL TIMES.”

What’s the cost?
$225. For lodging and food and hopefully a chaplain. (Cross thou thy fingers that I can find a chaplain.) (Mass e’ery DAY).

Want to sign up?
Register here and send me yo’ $$.

It would be awesome to have you. And my max max max is 20, and I think those spots are going to fly, so…don’t wait, ya’ll.



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