This is my Camino. Welcome.

We’re not promised good friends

“We’re not promised good friends,” a wise woman once told me, “if we find them, it’s really just a grace.”

On Friday I went to lunch with this guy.

I met the man at work, my job two jobs back. At first, we were on different floors, but, sometimes I would go to his office and talk to him about Detroit and art.

And then the church I was attending at the time (still his church) asked if we would open the church doors once a week, in the evenings. So then I asked if I could just stay downtown, in his downtown apartment, and make both of us dinner before we would go and spend an few hours at our church.

So, weird shared experiences downtown plus weird Nell-style hippie dinners plus conversations later, and here we are, me two jobs removed, and still when I text, “Hey, should we get lunch?”

I get a, “Yeah!” message in return.

We were going to get sushi. There’s a new sushi place downtown. We walked to it, but, it was closed, so instead we went next door for enchiladas. (They smelled rill delish).

This guy.

At one point, we shared a desk, over a half-cubicle wall. And who knows why I started doing this, but I used to toss him notes over the cube-wall. Like, I could have stood up and talked to the man, but instead I would just send these folded note-papers of ALL CAPS MESSAGES about ideas I had and more often than not I’d get a heart-eyed emoji in response, which means, “I’m on board with your idea.”

Even on Friday, man! I was like, “Hey. Listen to me. This is my idea…”

And I gave him the deets on a project that might be really awesome come June 2017-ish.

And he was like, “That’s a great idea, what if you [insert excellent ideas for improvement here].”

The best. We’re not promised people like this, people who are just walking the ol’ Camino with us, you know?

And he was so excited about this bus line we came across on Friday, a noted happy step for transportation in Detroit (oftentimes a very, very unhappy situation), that he had to stop and take a photo.

And seeing him be happy and taking this photo made me happy. So I took a picture, too.


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