This is my Camino. Welcome.

Labor Day Weekend

Months and months back, when it was still cold outside, a friend and I met for lunch, and we pinkie-promised that we would adventure over Labor Day weekend.

Enter Labor Day weekend.

Enter this camping. Enter a funky-fresh assortment of friends and family. And seven hundred million mosquitoes and one blessed bottle of 98.11% DEET.

And pretty much non-stop fire to keep the blood-suckers at bay.

And then on Monday we opted for a good ol’ 10 mile hike. With said seven mil mosquitoes in tow.

Beginning of hike. Before we were completely covered in sweat and DEET and dust.
“Hey! Look at this meadow! Smile!”

Ten is an excellent amount of miles to hike, in case you were wondering.

And on the way home Ceebs and I got ice cream.

I usually get ice cream twice–once at the beginning of summer, once at the end. And this, I guess, is the end. Farewell, my beautiful and beloved season. I loved you. I still love you. Forever ever ever.

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