This is my Camino. Welcome.

Moar Weeks of Wintah

There is an explorer ladybug in my house. He shows up in surprising places, like Waldo. I think his name is “Claude,” though.


What are your plans for surviving the next half of winter, you guys?

Are you exercising? Taking Vitamin D?

I cross my heart that I have a half-dozen half-baked drafts in this here draft folder. All of them I’m like, “Oh, here’s a good idea,” and then I write five lines and then I’m like, “UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO MOOOOOOOOORE.”

Someone punch me with sunshine or something.


Here are some ideas.

1. Fashion profiles. Like, I talk to people and ask them what inspires them, what colors they love, what they gravitate towards, etc.
1B. AND THEN you’re assigned a profile to switch with…for a day. And you’re supposed to use your closet and your colors and clothes to try new things. WELLLLLLL?? Any takers?

2. Podcast. Podcast podcast podcast. Too huge? Or are things only too huge until we decide to commit? TALK. IT. OUT.

3. Yo. I’m thinking about starting a “cultural series” for the winter. And one night a week we all learn new things and become better people/ better friends. Topics I’ve been tossing around: spoken word (YES), polka dancing (movement. Fun/ happy/ easy movement), improvvvvvvvvv,
Yeah, actually, that’s all I have.
The end.

4. There’s a new studio opening swing dancing on this side of town.
And circus class was full.
Do you think I should go dancing?
Maybe I should just go dancing. 😉 <3



Do you want to hear about my day?

I forgot my wallet at home. And my phone. And my camera. And my friend’s thermos which he asked me for last weekend. (But not my lunch!)

I decided that, on my way home, I’d stop at the bank. But, I missed the hours. Blast.

I tried to sign up for circus class today–it was full. I tried to sign up for Friday–also full. (I signed up for Thursday. A different level class, but, I like the teacher).

I decided to go dancing, as a plan b. I pulled up at the studio, didn’t see anyone swing dancing, and re-checked the event. Yep, beginner lesson at 8 (it was a hair after 8). Dancing wouldn’t start until 9, which was kind of the time I promised myself I’d come home by.

So, I went grocery shopping. And came home and chopped vegetables.

What I’m saying is: as magical as the internet can make anyone’s life look…it isn’t all enchantment and parties.

(Although, there should be more parties. Motion for more parties. All in favor?)

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