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Seven Quick Takes–IT’S 11:45 ON FRIDAY

How about I just write things in no particular order and as they come to me, OK? OK.



I’m reading C.S. Lewis’ Surprised by Joy on a recommendation from a friend (or Three Dogs North coughcoughcough). I’m trying to be a student of joy this year.

The book is kind of autobiographical, and right now I’m in the part where he is a child.

Do you want to know something that touching him deeply as a child?

“Him” being C.S. Lewis….

…C.S. Lewis, the man who wrote the classic “Chronicles of Narnia”…

…C.S. Lewis, one of the great theologians of the 20th century….

…C.S. Lewis, good friend of J.R.R. Tolkien….


Beatrix Potter.

Is that not incredible and adorable and good?

This man who would go on to touch so, so, so many lives and imaginations and hearts…loved the work of Beatrix Potter. <3.

I’m so happy about this.

I’m happy about it for many reasons, one of them being: Beatrix Potter did what she could, and she did it well. And that was: writing and illustrating children’s books. And she completed that task beautifully. And this, in turn, inspired a man who would inspire millions (can we say millions? I think so?) more.

(Also, if you haven’t read this yet, it’s worth a read: C.S. Lewis’ Greatest fiction: convincing American kids that they would like Turkish delight).


I actually have a lot of really intense things on my plate right now. But…for reasons, most of them are required to be hush-hush for the time being.

So weird.

I just wanna share.

Five years from now, feel free to ask me about: Synod/ Boston/ Detroit/ Guadalupe. But not today.

Someone put this pine-cone decoration on this post. And I saw it and thought, “What a kind gesture from another artist, somewhere in this city.” So then I took my camera out, right as all those birds flew past. <3


Let’s talk about how much silly fun I’m having prepping for the dinner party I want to throw.

Let’s talk about how I’m trial-running all of my recipes and talking to a florist and scouring thrift shops for dishes.

Last weekend I went to the hardware store to see if there are any affordable (KEY. WORD.) ways I can use, um, “unconventional” serving styles. I looked at the wall-tiles. I looked at the planks of wood. I came to zero conclusions, but, I had fun, and that’s kind of the point. (And if anyone has 1/4″ planks of beautiful hardwood somewhere, call me before you burn it).

I also have three books I need to pick up from the library on my way home from work. Two are on flourless desserts. One is on plating. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PLATING. Some people might find this terrifying. I find it liberating. Basically–there is so much I can still learn. Like, a lot. Have you Pinterested any food plating recently? There’s a lot to learn.



On Tuesday I thought I packed a lunch, but really I packed my brother’s lunch, and I got a voicemail from him that literally said, “I hope you enjoy my lunch.”

Only, I couldn’t enjoy it, for it was really just gluten-y and meat-y, so instead I asked Tim if he wanted to go to lunch and he said he did.

Reality about surviving winter for me: sometimes you just need to talk to friends. Seriously.

So, that was good. So good.

Remind me to do this more often.


I’ve been thinking a bit about the concept of your life not starting “one day.” Like, “Well, once I’m ____” or “Once I make $xxx amount” or “Once I have ____.” Pish posh. My life is today, January, even though I love summer the most. In this part of my life–how do I really choose to live? How do I become the person I want to be?

That sounds lame, but I didn’t mean it to.

Mainly, it’s like, “Hey, do I want to be stronger? How can I make this a goal in my life? Work outs every morning, maybe?”

Like, where do you want to invest your love and your time and your $$? Because, that’s how you’ll invest your life.


My eye has been twitching all week and I don’t know why.

Also, rule in on a full-color Our Lady of Guadalupe half-sleeve on my left arm. Just for kicks and giggles.

Like this one, for instance. See above. Neck-kisses optional. (But preferred). Photo source.
Isn’t this one cute?! (Just for fun, though, not for ink). Source.



I just got back from a painting party with Juli-YEAH.

The official picture was the Eiffel Tower.

But instead Juli-YEAH and I opted for…Mary and baby Jesus.

Judge it hard.

It’s Friday. 😉

Lovely friends. <3

And that’s that!! Happy weekend, ya’ll!! Are you ready for the weekend? I promise that I woke up this morning like, “Oh, awesome, Saturday! Wait…it’s Friday. I need to go to work.”

And then I had no lunch plans and I ate a bag of lentil soup and some pickled beets. Friday YES.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Danielle. I signed up for your blog many months ago, and always think about ‘one day’ telling you properly ‘thank you’. Your blog about joy and living in the present were the nudge to make me finally do it! I will have to let the Holy Spirit fill in the gaps – but for now, THANK YOU for being a light in the world, for sharing your absolute beautiful writing with us, and for making me reflect deeply and giggle all at once! Your writings always remind me of my favorite quote “Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God”. Thanks for letting the Lord work through you and speak to us.

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