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This photography is stopping me dead in my tracks

This is from here. My camera is brokened, and I even received a new one for Christmas ...but it doesn't have a memory card yet. Sry. I'm doing mah best.
This is from here. My camera is brokened, and I even received a new one for Christmas …but it doesn’t have a memory card yet. Sry. I’m doing mah best.

The internets takes you places you didn’t think you’d end up sometimes (like this article), but today I ended up on this photographer’s site because I’m THE BIGGEST sucker for beautiful photography, and I had to cut myself off, because otherwise I’d be looking for an IV straight to my arm because holy wow, what wonder. These four, especially, made me pause:

  • This young couple. I love their dynamic. She looks like the colorful, stylish adventurer, he the calculated, controlled, loving support. It’s like the couple in UP. It’s like my mom and dad. It’s like the three billion Mr. Engineer/ Mrs. Color relationships I know. I love it. I kind of want to make this photo my background, but figure that’s too weird. I don’t know them, after all.
  • These parents with their new baby. This camera angle is brilliant. The way the parents are looking at the baby is sublime. The way the baby is looking at her momma is just kiss-ably miraculous. Ugh!!!
  • The way this groom is kissing her eyebrow. It’s almost scandalous, really. (Kidding, guys, kidding). I also love their wrinkles. Because that means they’re older. But, they probably have all kinds of interesting stories…including the one about how they found each other.
  • This girl. Because, sometimes, women with short hair just absolutely stop me in my tracks. “I’m stronger than your preconceived notions of who I am and what I’m supposed to be,” they seem to say. And this one’s face/ eyes/ attitude is no different. I love it.

I wanted you to see these beautiful things…because encountering beauty is a crucial part of the experience known as “life.”

If you want, we can even play a game where you go through the list in this post and find your own favorite and then we can talk about it in the comments.

That’s only an option, though. 🙂

(And, as long as we’re talking about options, this bit o’ internet by Father Ryan which I JUST FOUND TODAY is pretty slick, too. But only if you enjoy challenging yourself).

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