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Anatomy of a Dinner Par-tay

7-day-blog-challengeMan oh man. I was trying to post once-a-day last week, ya’ll. Really, I was.

So I posted on Monday and Tuesday only. Lame-o. Reason why: I was prepping for a dinner party on Friday. So, Swim class on Wednesday and food shopping/ prep on Thursday and cooking/ entertaining on Friday did not bode well for the bloggy world.

But! Lovely news! Jen at Conversion Diary is hosting a 7 posts in 7 days link-up and if I love anything it’s a solid goal. So! Here’s my dinner party run-down. In 7 points, just because.

Dinner party points, since it’s been using up my mind-space and my camera-memory-space.

Such party.
Such party.

— 1 —

In one of my college classes my professor told us that two things happen in communication: talking and listening. And if the listen-er doesn’t understand…it’s the speaker’s job/ responsibility to help them out. Blame falls on the speaker, not the listen-er, when things aren’t clear.

So, I guess I screwed that one up yesterday when I meandered to our local fish mart.

This fish mart has been around my entire life. Fun fact: I remember the older neighborhood girls telling me their older neighborhood brother worked at said fish-mart when I was a wee beebee (I probably didn’t even know how to ride the infamous TWO-WHEELED bike sans my lone training wheel). Neighborhood-girlz told me the workers all wore gas masks because the stench was so bad.

This was probably an Elementary school embellishment.

But, either way, I had never shopped there.

Until yesterday. (Cue music?)

I stopped in after work like, “Hi. I’m hosting a dinner party tomorrow. I’ve never shopped here before, what do you recommend? :)”

And the lady freaked out a little bit. Apparently she thought I had never made fish before and here I was about to have guests over (twenty!! Heart attack!) with no experience.

“I would never do that,” she said, “you must have a lot of confidence” (several times she said this).

And it was a little weird because she made it sound like I had plans to walk to the Yukon with nothing but a change of clothes. And salmon-prep isn’t exactly hiking to the Yukon.

I eventually realized the communication break-down: she thinking I was a beginner to all things food-prep, while I meant I was a beginner at the store.

My bad.

But, at that point it was too late so I just bought my fish and went home.

For the record, it turned out just fine. 🙂

— 2 —

So there probably aren’t many people consistently struck with the beauty of fresh vegetables but, I’ll admit, I sure am. If you see someone taking photos of the vegetable displays in your local grocery store, it’s probably me.

— 3 —

I was approaching check-out and received this text from an unrevealed friend: “would you like us to bring anything tomorrow? snacks? props?…”

That. List. 🙂

My options are snacks…and props.

I love that this is who I am and this is who my friends are, OK?

— 4 —

And this was ONE DOOR. And there was a WALL OF DOORS.
And this was ONE DOOR. And there was a WALL OF DOORS.
Ice cream is overwhelming. I sometimes go to ice cream parlors and I take forever to decide and that’s just me buying for an audience of me. But when I’m buying for a crowd standing in front of a sliding freezer doors full of colorful, tasty pictures it takes me to an entire new level of “what do I buyyyy??”

Because I know what I like, but will my guests want that? And will it match my food? So many questions. So much time spent pacing and chewing fingernails.

— 5 —

This is probably the tripiest point, so go ahead and skip, if need be. But, I’ve always like the kitchen-arts. In some way, I feel linked to my ancestors when I’m in the kitchen. My grandmother who made the stunning carrot cake. My great aunt who owned a restaurant. My aunts who are always hosting. And then, me. I who spend time checking out cookbooks from the library. I who worked food prep to fund my collegiate experience.

And when I was diagnosed gluten-free/ meat-free, suddenly the repertoire of favorite recipes was obsolete. My blue-ribbon gingerbread? Gluten. The best chicken marinade from my friend’s mom? Meat. And on and on. It was hard and weird.

But, Thursday I stayed up into the evening dicing vegetables, and I’m happy. I’m happy because I’ve come a long way. I’m happy because I know what I’m doing (mostly. Always learning, obviously). I’m happy because I hosted, yo.

— 6 —

This is my cousin laughing. With a little bit of Josh laughing, too.
This is my cousin laughing. With a little bit of Josh laughing, too.

They came, they saw, they conquered. Such friends. Much fun.

— 7 —



Teh Julia.
Teh Julia. Found this on my camera.
Teh Hanna.
Teh Hanna. Same confession as above.
One more not-taken-by-me-but-'shopped-a-leetle-by me.
Colleen. I love the elements in this one–the motion all around, the sparkles in her eyes. 🙂

Catch you tomorrow, friends!

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