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Quick Takes Friday!

No photo post. It’s who I am.

— 1 —

Things I’ve done this week include: locking my keys in the car. I’ve always hoped this was a phase I’d outgrow. APPARENTLY NOT. I even have a spare set in my wallet….or, I did. Once I realized my keys were on the front seat of a locked-door car, I reached for my spare set, caught the giant key-chain where I keep them, and pulled it out of my bag….only to find that the spares had somehow fallen off somewhere in the world.

So, of course, I checked my entire house (including my dad’s dresser, which, I feel, is being thorough) but I didn’t find them.

Cue me watching internet vids on how to break into a car.

Cue me not being able to accomplish any of them.

And the anxiety woke me up at 5:34 this a.m. So I called the locksmith. He was like, “You’ll need to pay me tons of funds.”

And so I did because, come on, what else could I do?

I’ve got places TO GO.

— 2 —

Lies re: photos. Here’s a gorgeous picture of Josh eating fried chicken. He does this every year for his birthday (past, what, three years now?)

It BLOWS MY MIND how much he's beginning to look like my oldest brother.
It BLOWS MY MIND how much he’s beginning to look like my oldest brother.

It’s kind of weird, I know. But it’s what we do.

— 3 —

So this popped up in my Gmail chat when I sat down this morning:

Hey! Wanna take a quick trip down to GA to go camping on the appalaichain trail?

Like, tonight?

Ummm, yes. Spontaneity FTW!

(But, missing a bit o’ funds. See point 1).

(Also, this solidified, in my mind, that I’m an “ENFP” vs an “ENFJ.” Yep. Myers-Briggs, ya’ll. Study your personality TODAY!)

— 4 —

In case you were wondering, I’m not actually traveling down to GA tonight. BUT! I am going to visit Lauren in IN! Cue the marching band! We plan on doing all of the old women things including but not limited to: swing dancing, mural-reveal-watching, GF eating, fall-hiking and reasonable bedtimes.

(Or maybe not so reasonable).

(We’re old, but we’re not that old).

— 5 —

It’s possible I didn’t wash my work mug as thoroughly as I had first believed.

That hot chocolate was suspiciously soap-flavored.

— 6 —

This quote from St. Francis Xavier:

“It is not the actual physical exertion that counts toward a one’s progress, nor the nature of the task, but by the spirit of faith with which it is undertaken.”

Ponder that one, kidlets.

Makes you want to go off and do great things, eh?

— 7 —

I’m super good at thinking of more and more and more excellent projects and then running out of time to execute! My goal for the week ahead: finish some things!

What’re your plans for the weekend/ week/ Friday??

Tee Gee Eye Eff, all. It’s been a doozy-week, hasn’t it?


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  1. Legit that St. Francis Xavier quote was my 9th grade yearbook quote. I picked it off a list on a whim, but it’s stuck with me. So good.

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