This is my Camino. Welcome.

Ready or not…

Jessica's Nana made me this ROCKIN' SWELL CAMINO BAG!!!!
Jessica’s Nana made me this ROCKIN’ SWELL CAMINO BAG!!!!

…here we come!

  • The pig is at the sitter’s.
  • I decorated the intern’s desk with Justin Bieber pictures.
  • I’ve packed my bag.

I also, at some point last night, said, “Enough. I’ve cut enough. It’s coming now.”

Enough lines had been drawn. The inhaler is coming. The shirt is coming. The third pair of socks is coming.

I’m about to go embark on the crazy we know as “adventure.”

Please pray for me.

Also! I’ve scheduled a pilgrim-a-day for prayers! That way you can meet everyone and pray for them everyday.


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