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What I Wore Wednesday

I have this cousin a million times removed who lives in California. Once she came to visit us when we were still kids. It was summer and I was hanging out with my cousin, Bekah.

Somehow the topic of “chapped hands” came up. Homegirl from California didn’t know what we were talking about.

My cousin and I tried to help out.

“You know, when your hands get so cold that they dry out…and bleed.”


The city was foggy and warm...but now it's windy and cold.
The city was foggy and warm…but now it’s windy and cold.
“Yeah. And you need to put on lotion.”

“No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I think somewhere around here I realized how nice the sunny state of California sounded.

Another time the California granddaughters of my neighbor visited. They had never heard of SNOWPANTS. We tried to break it down for them. And then we explained the concept of “layering.”

I remembered this story this morning. It’s been rather mild out, but today I jogged from our block onto the busier road and I was met with a blast of frigid air that struck me right through the hoodie.

And I was like, “AH! Cold!”

And I resolved to attack this cold head-on. Top strategy: layers.

My first trick: the thick striped tights. Maybe they don’t yell professionalism…but they do yell WARM LEGS so I went with it.

Then: riding boots and a corduroy skirt.

I’m also wearing two shirts. Two. A long-sleeved tee and a button down. Plus a sweater. And a scarf.

Think I was cold today?

Think again, buckaroo.

I still needed to apply lotion, though.

SO MANY CLOTHES! The cold didn’t stand a chance.

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