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People who have spoken Jesus to me

Three people, three separate occasions, one week.

Person number one, the one who I didn’t really know. This one took me to lunch, and asked me intently about my life. She laughed with me about the characters of my play, together we ordered meat-free dishes (Friday!) and fries.

Then our conversation shifted to the serious and we talked about vocation and the voice of God. She reminded me that “The temptation of every vocation is to walk away and leave–be it married life, religious life, or anything we find difficult.”

And then she confirmed the Holy Spirit within me–she commended my work, my “ministries.” (I write “ministries” and reflect on the fact that they’re all “mini.” Ha.) I stared across the table and realized that she reminded me of my grandma, the one I lost when I was in high school, the one someone told me I look like, the one I remember the most to miss.

And then she was honest, this one who with so much more experience and education, about her challenges as she strives to be taken seriously in her field as well. My heart asked, “You too?”

And suddenly, I was no longer alone.

C.S. Lewis

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

Person number two called late in the evening. It was the type of late that makes you think it’s either a friend or an emergency. But, it wasn’t an emergency; it was a friend. I had texted him a question days prior, and he had never texted back. He apologized about that then went on to give me a very serious answer to the question–one that I could tell was heart-felt and concerned.

I smiled over the phone. I didn’t think the issue merited that kind of thought…I still don’t. Regardless, smiles are silent so he couldn’t see that, and I thanked him for his thoughts on the matter.

We hung up. I prepared for bed. But, I still smiled, because it’s special to have friends who call you too-late at night to tell you that they take your issues seriously.

Person number three communicated with me over email. We see each other about once a week, but sometimes we merely see and don’t talk and listen. So she emailed me to remind me that we must honestly connect, too.

“What do you need prayers for today?” she typed.

This. Simple gift of offering generousity. What grace! It is a grace to meet a person who will reach beyond themselves…to you. Do you know what this feels like?

I knew what I needed prayers for, too. And I told her. Thanks, peregrina.

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