This is my Camino. Welcome.

What I Wore Wednesday

My skirt in the early-morning light before I left for work.

I remember the first time I saw this light-khaki skirt (haHA! So much cliché!). I was shopping and it was hanging in the wrong section of the store, the men’s section, because a careless previous-shopper must have left it in the wrong spot.

My mind tried to talk me out of it, though. The material is the smallest bit uncomfortable (a polyester- a wee scratchy). It looks like there might be a stain on the front. But the stain (if it is a stain, maybe it’s a shadow) fades or disappears when you hold in at a different angle or in different light and, finally, I decided to buy it. Because, well, why not?

Enter said-skirt becoming one of my most-worn items.

Here are reasons why I hold onto this one:

  • The construction is interesting… it’s made in artistic, rounded panels. It works as the main creative piece of an outfit.
  • On the other hand, though, the color is neutral and so it effortlessly matches louder, more colorful pieces.
  • It’s an A-line, which is reminiscent of a vintage era. I love me some good vintage looks!
  • It gracefully holds its own in the office-setting, but knows how to rock the swing dance floor as well.

This skirt has taught me the value of a solid, well-made neutral piece. I have other A-line skirts that are bright and colorful, but I believe I wear this one much more frequently because it’s gets along so well with any number of tops… spring through the fall.

I still wonder if there is a stain on the front, still question if it’s too scratchy. But! Now, at the end of the season, I’m just sad to hang it again through the winter.

I wore it with an emerald shirt, a brown sweater and shoes and a scarf in a blue-and-emerald tartan. And then I went out at lunch and took pictures of buildings and believed that no one would question me because I was so close to being a hipster.

True story.

The skirt in at work. What’s the book, you ask? It’s a Camino guidebook. Oh yes.

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