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What I Wore Wednesday

This is me! With a scarf!
I have this idea.
It involves me sharing about articles of clothing that I wear and love.

Problem: it seems a bit narcissistic. “Oh, hey internets! Check out my cool clothes!”


I’m going to try this, anyway.

This is something I wore. It is currently Wednesday.
(I actually took the picture on Tuesday. Small matters).

Check out this scarf!

It was hand-knitted-with love for me a few birthdays ago by a co-worker. I’ve always been suprememly lucky with generous co-workers. Case in point: a bag of dark chocolate pomegranate bits currently on my desk from a co-worker who “thought I’d like to try them.”
Ummmm…. YES. Thanks.
I digress.

Colorful scarf!
The scarf.

It’s light and airy. I think it’s made of a cotton-blend yarn. The girl who knit it for me said she mentally noted everything I wore for a few weeks and took those mental notes to the yarn store so she could see which yarns would match best with my wardrobe. I find that awesome.

I wore it with a blue shirt, a purple pencil skirt, a navy vest-y dress-y thing, and rain boots because it was a very wet and rainy morning when I got dressed. The scarf pulled it together and I love the memory of a coworker in a yarn store mentally comparing my “colors.”

Ha HA!

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