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And runnin’ runnin’

Hello humans,

An update on life, my life.


I am working one some graphics for a bicycling event at the church where I work, and I wanted this shot, of the ground and the church and my bike (sorry mobile users) so I literally LAID ON THE GROUND for the sake of ART, but first I looked around to make sure no one was looking, and, as I was doing my paparazzi thing, the maintenance guy drives by in a frantic, “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OKAY?” And then I remembered that I work in Detroit and it might not have been the best idea to lie fetal position on the ground like that. 

Here’s the reality: I’m working on an application for work. It’s an important one, maybe the most historically significant bit of work I have ever handled, something that will be given to the Archbishop and to the Bishops of the United States, and then (if I’ve done a good enough job, I suppose), to the Bishops over in the Vatican. Super unlikely that the Pope will take a look at it but, hey, maybe he will. Maybe. Probably not. (But I’ve told a few people that anyway…but the ones who aren’t Catholic…and don’t know what “the Vatican” means…and would understand, “…so then we’ll need to send it to the Pope…” a little more clearly. I think, at least. I think that makes things clearer. I don’t actually know. I digress).

So, anyway. Application is 120 questions. They’re all in Latin. There is a translation, but, it’s not super clear, so I usually try to cross-check it, but, that’s not always clear either. Cue me doing my best.

Last week I was working on ONE of the questions for days. It took me seven pages. Single-spaced, fam. I texted my friend, “Can they give me a doctorate once I’m done?”

He texted back, “Honestly? You’d deserve it.”

I don’t have it finished yet. Pray for me. Pray long and hard. Offer up thy suffering for the good of the church, por favor, for your girl is thirty-seven single-spaced pages into a project that takes a lot of concentration. And your girl has a half-dozen other events to plan. And she is easily distracted. And those thirty-seven pages have SEVERAL more pages to be written.

What I’m saying is: I’m really sorry I haven’t been keeping up with this blog. The reality is that I come home and typing more words doesn’t exactly sound……..rewarding.

That being said, I still have more words in my mind, and I would love to focus a bit more. I am thinking about renting a li’l cabin over Memorial Day weekend, just to have some time of focused writing. 🙂

So! That’s my life at the moment. I was talking to my mentor today, all, “I feel like I’m in finals again, like: I think this pace won’t last forever, and that this is super important and I need to focus on it. In the meantime…my life is a little off-balance.”

Thing is, I’m really honored to be working on the project, I think it’s awesome and amazing, and I want to do a good job, as it will undoubtedly go on the permanent historical record for a place that has stood longer than just about any institution in the city, survived being under French rule/ British rule/ American rule/ British rule AGAIN/ American rule AGAIN, and is currently in an American city. (Is that not so cool, history-wise?!?!?!? I’m enthralled, really I am. That’s what keeps me going, probably. Please ask me specific, weird questions about the history or devotions, high-schoolers-that-come-on-my-tours-tomorrow (three. tours. worth. Legit how am I supposed to finish this stuff?), because I have a brain full of information for which there is no audience to be entertained).

(Maybe I should make another tour option: “Things no one cares about, but I think are cool.”)

Here we are. Pray for me. 😀

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