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Celebrity Interview. With my mom.


Did you ever go to a hair salon or a grocery store line and things were taking a hot second longer than you expected so you turned to the glossy magazines interviewing humans you have sometimes never even heard of?

Because I do that all the time.

And I decided to use my platform to interview the other person in this living room…my mother.

Behold thou, a celebrity interview. With my mom. On zip-lining, sewing projects, and more. 

1. What is your favorite holiday and why?

Thanksgiving, because everyone is together and we focus on what we have. And nobody has to bring any presents.

2. If you could invite anyone to a dinner party, who would you invite?

Father Prus, my kids (that’s 5 plus an in-law)…that’s it. And everyone can bring their friends.

3. Where was your favorite spot to which you’ve traveled?

Mom: Can I have more that one?

Me: Yes, you can have more than one.

Mom: Poland and the Camino (in Spain), also Western Michigan and Chicago.

Me: What would you recommend in each of those places?

Mom: In Poland: Zakopane and Krakow; take as much time as you  possibly can on the Camino; the little towns in Western Michigan, along the shoreline; and all the people in Chicago, the wonderful Midwestern flavor

4. What was your least-favorite spot you’ve visited?

*Surprised exhale* Where did we have that place with all those dead animals?

Me: That was in Ohio (while camping).

Mom: Then Ohio. Surely someplace in Ohio.

5. What advice would you give a younger version of yourself?

Listen to everyone’s advice, but then make up your own mind, since you’re the only one who lives with the consequences of your choice.

6. If you weren’t a celebrity, what would you be doing with your life?

Um, just enjoying every person that crosses my path.

7. Fill in the blank: “I won’t leave home without ___”

…going to the bathroom first.

8. What projects are you currently working on/ looking to release in the next year?

To make a dent in all of the sewing projects I’ve accumulated over the years.

9. What was the best advice someone ever gave you?

Get ready first, before you get your family ready to go.

10. What is your dream role/ project?

The lead in “The Princess and the Pea.” I don’t know. I can’t think of this. I need to think a little more. Ohhhh, I know…is it Elizabeth? In “Pride and Prejudice”?

Me: Yeah.

Mom: That’s a good one. In a comedy version.

11. What is one thing every woman should do?

Mom: What’s that called when there is that line? Over the water?

Me: Water skiing?

Mom: No, you just kind of glide over the water.

Me: Zip-lining?

Mom: Yes, zip-lining.

Me: Why zip-lining?

Mom: Well…it’s fun.

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