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These are a few of my favorite SHOES

Super old photo of my favorite YELLOW WEDGES plus my killer MAN HAIR yes yes yes.

Okay, so, to be honest, I really want to keep writing really thought-provoking stuff, but right now I’m in the middle of trying to replace all of the shoes I have worn through in the past FOUR YEARS because they have all seemingly DIED in the same MONTH so now I’m kind of wearing shoes that look super worn out (because FOUR YEARS) but I also haven’t replaced them until now. Maybe because they weren’t worn out until now. And now it’s all at once.

Anyway, want to know some favorite brands of shoes? I can tell you.

A few things about my shoe-policy.

So, I’m picky. I like real leather, because I find that it holds up longer and smells better and looks nicer than the fake stuff. I like well-made, high-quality shoes. Because of that, I usually spend more $$ on my shoes. But, they also last me a couple of years. And I usually spring for shoes I can wear for more than one season (i.e. “summer” shoes that can be worn with tights in the fall and become “fall shoes”) so, yeah.

One summer I bought cheap shoes from a cheap shoe store. And they lasted…for a week or so. Then and there I realized: I’d rather invest in the good ones. I honestly don’t like shopping enough to do anything else.

Comfy is also important to me. I mean, who wants sore feet at the end of the day, right?

BUT I ALSO WANNA LOOK CUTE. Because I will wear old lady shoes when I am an old lady. I get that. But today is not that day. Today is cute shoes day.

OH MAN, ALSO, this one time, in DSW, there was definitely a tango playing over the speakers and this salesdewd came up to me like, “Hi, can I help you with anything?” and I VERY NEARLY looked him in the FACE and said, “Do you know how to tango?” so anyway, dance-ability (how is that not a real word??) is a priority. Not the only one. But definitely up there.

Finally, the Gospel truth of the matter is that: I’m horrific at picking out my own shoes. Honest to goodness, the brands I now love have MOST LIKELY been on my feet because, inevitably, when out with friends, someone will say, “Wow, those shoes look like your style!”

And usually I won’t believe them at first. I’ll be like, “Are you sure?”

But then I’ll try on the shoes and be like, “Momma. Come to momma.”

So. Shoutout to the friends who helped me find these finds.

You know who you are.

Bae 4 ever.

So anyway let’s get started.

Looking for oxfords?

UGH I LOVE THESE SHOES (from Bass). They are legit SO COMFY. Like walking on clouds. Literally I bought a pair of these a few years ago and, since that time, there has never NOT been a pair in my closet (unless they are on back-order). Besides being comfy, they’re a feminine form of masculine cute–they go with pants or with skirts or with dresses or slacks. Super versatile and professional, but with the comfort of tennis shoes.

PLUS, they dance really well. Did I mention that? Well, now I did. You can wear them to work AND you can dance in them. What else do you need to hear from me? Nothing.

Except maybe that this season’s version features a LOW KEY GLITTER and I’m like, “Yes, praise, yes.”

Shoe 1
You precious little shoe that I wear pretty much nonstop. Thank you for being everything to me.

Go-to for Boots

(Not the current season, but I thought I’d FYI)
Caterpillar. Sound familiar? They mostly make heavy machinery…and AMAZING WOMEN’S FOOTWEAR? Who knew?!?! You. You knew. I just told you.

These are pricey, but, as I’m from Michigan, I would (and have!) buy these in multiple styles. The leather is a thick, high quality, the pattern keeps you warm, the style is functional but also cute. Win. Win win win. Never change, Caterpillar. (I have had my current pair for the past three years and they’re still going way strong. So factor that into the price).

(Also, it appears that there aren’t any winter boots posted right now. So check again in, like, four months).

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider these summer booties, though. Because that DETAILING. But. I also didn’t. Because I love sandals in the summer. And boots are for the winter.



YELLOW WEDGES. (Also, remember when my camera sucked?)

Maybe wedges go in and out of style. Maybe they don’t. All I know is, a few years ago, I bought some yellow-toed wedges and they are AMAZING. Last year one of the straps needed a little TLC, but, for wearing them probably 10 months of the year for the past few years…ZERO complaints.

Well, one complaint. I frequent a small, independent shoe store in my suburban downtown. They have similar priorities to me: comfort, style, functionality. I bought the yellow-toed pair on sale there, many years ago.

Thing is, they stopped carrying the brand. For years. And I couldn’t find new wedges to update. And only this spring did I learn the brand. It’s Off the Beaten Trail.

Are there two styles ordered and currently being shipped to my house? Why yes. There are. Will keep you posted.

ORDERED THIS GUY. Totes, totes edgy but classy at the same time.
ORDERED THESE SUCKERS. Come on. I can just VISUALIZE myself in those puppies.
Would have ordered these but, ALAS, they were out of my size. They’re on sale. It’s a winter shoe.

Sofft shoes

Other old shot of my classic cork pumps. They so bae. And so worn out.

You need pumps? Mary Janes? This is the stop for classy, well-made, high-quality shoes. JCPenney used to carry them, which is where I would buy, but the retailer recently kind of disappointingly downgraded to shoes made of lower-quality products. So, the shoes are cheaper, but, again, I’m not into cheap shoes that don’t hold up. TBH.

I just ordered a new pair o’ pumps, too! Stayin’ classy!

(Also, I got a pair of booties from them a few months ago. Would recommend. 10/10).

Shoe 3
Have you invested in nude pumps yet? YOU GUYS. Kate Middleton knows what she is ABOUT. Elongated legs FOR DAYS.
Shoe 2
On the fence, but ordered them anyway. We’ll see. We’ll try on. We’ll make a decision.

Heeled lace-up oxfords


Zomgzomgzomgzomgz POETIC LICENSE SHOES.

I first saw these in a shop on Mackinac Island, but I was chaperoning a bunch of middle schoolers and they didn’t get as excited as I did.

But! A few weeks later, I returned. And this time with my sister. And she was like, “YOU SHOULD GET THESE.”

And I did.

No regrets.

They’re super comfy, super cute, and surprisingly versatile. (If you’re into matching patterns ;)).


Shoe 5
My old ones died, but these were on sale.
Not colors that would work with my life, but, LOOK HOW CUTE.


There you have it–my go-to brands for shoes. Feel free to chime in with any favorites that I might have missed. For I am ALL EARS.

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