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Small winter poem 3 | Once upon a waltz

Maybe it’s just me
But does anyone else
Relate specific songs to specific people?

Maybe it’s just because I dance
But when certain songs play
…on the web
…at wedding receptions
…over PA systems
I think about the pilgrims
Whose paths
Have crossed mine
Face/ places/ spaces of blurred memories overlapping.

Today I was in a wee shop
Waist deep in knick-knacks
When there, over the speakers,
a song.

I thought of him immediately.

This was his favorite song.

A slow ballad in 3/4 time.

He loved it, but, as we sometimes do
With the things
We treasure the most,
He would
Protect it/

Play it

Never name it as

But I knew it was.

Maybe it still is.

I don’t know.

(It’s been years since I’ve danced with him).

But, in that shop,
Browsing for nothing,
I treasured it again.

I remembered how he loved to dance to it
…on dance floors
…in my living room
…anywhere with a hint of space
For him to fill
With the smooth, flowing gait
Of a waltz step–
Long lines the length of the floor.

I remember.

Maybe he still does, too.

Maybe, if he is in a store that begins to play
The familiar tune,
He pauses
Tilts an ear
Extends his hand
To his wife
And they dance–
Close movements, small,
Limited in the retail space–
Until the song ends.
And then they both bow.


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