This is my Camino. Welcome.


Not the pants. But! A cool door, eh?!


I have an “it’s complicated” relationship with them.

Skirts are easier for me. Because you can get a skirt in any of the sizes from: it catches your frame from the bottom of your rib cage (a.k.a. the “natural waist”) to it sits at the fullest part of the hip and, the main point is that: it doesn’t fall down. So, there’s a lot of space in there for different sizes.

Pants, though.

They’re different.

Because they certainly need to fit in the hip. But if they don’t taper to the waist, then you get that weird pocket where your back and the back of the pants gap. Plus: you need the hem to fall at the right spot, dontcha?

Plus, let’s just say it: I’m uncomfortable with my own ASSests, because I’m a woman living in the 21st century continually faced with unrealistic standards for form and beauty…and I meet none of them.

So. Then.

I knew I needed some new pants. For my trip. To Europe. Only: where?

So I took necessary millennial steps: I looked on Pinterest. I looked at different kinds of pants.

And I was so unsure.

So I stopped by my favorite store to buy expensive stuff that I keep for years: Athleta.

And this is not a sponsored post, but, Athleta, if you want to sponsor me: please, do, I will take your stuff and sing your praises.

Because already I’m more committed to these pants than I have been to most of my dating relationships.

A guys says, “I think you’re amazing,” and my walls come up and I think, “What is it, really, that you want from me?”

But these pants don’t want anything from me except to make me look good and to fuel my adventures and, really, what more could I want?

Oh, the quick-dry features are good, too.

City pant, I believe in you.

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