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The weekend that left me exhausted

First of all, the talk.

I gave it on Thursday.

That’s me in the right hand corner. In the dark.

How did it go, you ask?


I’m a terrible judge of of my presentations.

I’m not a theologian, though. So I passed out art and made people audience-participate and stuff.

But, this guy told me I encourage him to be a strong, independent woman…so, that’s something.

And then on Saturday, I held my first-ever event at the parish, and I literally almost fainted, but instead I didn’t and I lived and it turned out well.

Thank God for my friends is all I can say.

Praise and thank Him in the firmaments 4ever.

Some amazing kid drew these saints. You can clearly see the family resemblance between St. Anne and Our Lady in this one. And St. Joseph there. Best hairstyle ever depicted.

I learned things. For next year. And that’s kind of important in life, right?

Also, my youngest sibling ever ever ever is now an adult and stuff LOOK AT HIM WHY DONTCHA:

On the left, there.

He had an open house at his police station/ fire station. I dunked him in the dunk tank. For good luck.

And then, finally: TACO PARTY.

Clerics judging the salsa contest.

There was one point, during the consecration, where I thought about how I was surrounded by all of these good and wonderful people, and how much I love them, plus how much I love my city and that blessed beautiful island in particular, and how beautiful the sunlight was as the sun set, and how there were no bugs… and I just knelt there, in the grass, in my raspberry secondhand pants, and was happy.

Fifty of my closest friends.

And now I’m exhausted. <3 <3 <3

Good night!

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