This is my Camino. Welcome.

Here I am.

I found my favorite drinking vinegar in a local independent grocery store. GREAT DAY.

Where I am: I want to write so badly. I want to say really meaningful and touching things and then people can read them and be, hopefully, somehow think deeper thoughts that they would otherwise.


What a week it has been. Late nights, early mornings. I have no more thoughts, and little bits of energy. Instead you get this.

Last night I led a session with some teens for Archdiocese Synod-y stuff. Want more info? Well, here’s a video my friend, Tim, helped me make to explain it, after I was like, “Um, Tim? I have another idea. And it involves breakfast cereals. And marshmallows. Can I email you a script?”

And, God love him, when I was in Colorado with Father Ryan, I get a text message from Tim that reads, “Meanwhile, in Detroit,” with this image…


So then I squealed like a leetle girl. And I was staying with a family who didn’t know me. And there I am, squealing over a text message.

Tim sorted out all of those marshmallows. What a guy.

Video below. Those are Tim’s arms featured. Tim’s arms and my script/ voice.


AND!! After I got home from that last night session with da teens, my brother and I worked on solidifying the script of the play we’re working on. So, that was a work-until-midnight type of project. (Night prayer was a little weak yesterday night).

This morning I sent the script to the printer. Tonight we’ll have our read-through. Well, well, well. God be with us, St. Vitus, pray for us, we’ll see how this goes.

In other news:

Hello you gorgeous, gorgeous shoes.
  • I bought new dance shoes. They’re amazing and vintage and a metallic bronze. Soooooo, let’s go dancing OBVIOUSLY. I tested them yesterday, in my parent’s living room which is, incredibly, fully hardwood.
  • Circus class tonight! Revive me, oh 1.25 hours of full body conditioning!
  • Thinking real serious-like about starting a podcast. Talk to me about potential titles. I have a bunch, but no excellent ones that speak to my heart.
  • Speaking about podcasts in general PLUS ones that talk about hitting chords in a heart, I just listened to this archived Three Dogs North episode. And it is lovely. Shoot, the part where he talks about learning about his vocation being like a chord played in his heart that he never knew existed…hot dang. What an incredible and poetic way of looking at this!
  • The ladies at this church where I work now are HILARIOUS. I wonder if maybe they ham it up a bit because I’m a new audience for them, too. No one can make me laugh, though, like my siblings can make me laugh. I present:
  • Capture.PNG


I’ll love you forever.

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