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No makeup Sunday


I usually wear mascara, every day.
On special occasions I line my eyelid, too,
Pulling the lid taut with my finger,
Drawing across my lashes.

Today, though, preparing for church,
I didn’t.

I left the dark mascara in its neon bottle,
The liner I left on the shelf,
And I went to church un-decorated,
My eyes looking as they do–small, uneven, natural.

I did this, and justified it mentally
By thinking that I similarly do not
Confess behind a screen since:
I figure God that knows what I look like.

Yet I’m expected, culturally,
To present myself a certain way.
I should have bigger eyes.
I should have thicker lashes.

But, I don’t.

I biked today, fourteen miles,
And ran another three after that,
Training my legs and lungs and mind
For a triathlon.

Afterwards, I stood in my shower,
Gingerly brushing my tired eyes,
Until I remembered that I wore no make-up,
And then I rubbed them vigorously, as they wanted.

I like to dress up.
I enjoy having my hair done,
Wearing hose and heels,
Dabbing fresh fragrance on my wrists.

Yet, there’s something to be said
About the days without pretense,
Where I turn my face towards adventure,
With no guiseĀ blocking my view.

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