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This 4ever? Pls?

These people tend to do life with me.

“Why can’t it be summer forever?” my mom commented last night.

True that.

Last night our out-of-state cousins stopped by to eat gyros and drink lemonade and play Dixit until they had to leave.

And then Danny and Tommy stopped by, probably our oldest friends since childhood, and Danny said, “Hey, can you do inverted crunches on that pull up bar?” and I said I could (and I did).

And then I told him about a few circus moves that I’m not strong enough to accomplish yet, and my brother, Josh, said, “Geez, can you do anything? Why do you even take those classes if you can’t do anything.”

Paul brought out the playing cards and we sat down for a few rounds of Euchre, a card game played mostly in and around Michigan that’s relies a bit on luck, a bit on skill, and a bit on your across-the-table partner.

This is the worst blog post. I know that it is. Who would even read this and say, “Man, that sounds like the kind of thing I would love to be a part of?”

But, I loved it. Danny and I played a few hands together. I was dealt some crappy cards, but we won a bit anyway, so he gave me a high five.

Paul came and stole my spot, right as I got a good hand.

I stayed up past my bedtime.

Today I yawned through the day.

But, when I finished my run this morning, I stopped for a few seconds on my porch. The birds were all singing. The leaves and grass and flowers and plants are all growing and blooming at a break-neck speed. I felt like I was in the jungle again, in El Salvador, although obviously I’m not…I’m just in a silly suburb in a state in the north of the U.S. And my life isn’t super special or made up of things that people film or interview or talk about.

But, it’s pretty special anyway.

Especially in the summer.

I’m not complaining. Not one bit.

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