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Sprangity Spring

I once saw a meme/ gif/ internet short that flipped through the seasons. The camera was focused on a group of trees, and they underwent spring and summer and fall and winter. I watched it a few times, and then I saw the caption. The caption was like, “Most people only see this around 80 times.”

And it was kind of intense, I guess, to throw that, “BY THE WAY, ONE DAY YOU WILL DIE,” in the direction of the readers. But, oh well. Death is a reality, too, isn’t it?

This spring, then, I’ve kind of been like, “Man, I had better treasure this time.”

Here are some spring favorites, yo.


I love these buds from the tree out front. They smell sticky-sweet, and slightly crunch if you step on them. They harken the way for the leaves. They are, to me, a very important step for Spring.Β 
I wish the past few days were sunnier so I could see the happy faces of all of the dandelions. One time my youngest cousin couldn’t pronounce my name, so she called me “Dandelion” for the longest time. πŸ™‚ I was a little sad when she pronounced my given name the first time and I knew that the Dandelion days were over–it was one of my favorite nicknames. πŸ™‚
Lookit Miz Kiwi runnin’ in the grass. She lives for the outside warm months. πŸ™‚ Don’t we all, eh?Β 

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