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Hello, blog

I feel like my life is so, so, so many things right now that I’m having trouble sorting through all of them and focusing on any one of them for long enough to write a couple hundred words on it. So, instead, maybe I’ll just toss out ten minutes worth of brain-on-page and you can sort it yourself. OK? OK.

1. I’ve been working on some artz for the Synod. I won’t give it away, but let’s just say that for prep I was in the 24-hour grocery store late, late at night picking up as many different kinds of produce as I could find. I think the official art will be revealed later this week. So, of course, I’ll give you some behind-the-scenes embarrassing stories then. Obvi.

After I used the veggies for ART, I used them for food. Tim told me that artichokes were delicious, but mine was mainly just pokey and confusing.

2. Linocuts are still high on my list of loves. And I’m working on something that I hope you get to see very soon. Oh, man. A second “not everything is finished, but it should be soon” point?!? Sry. But, also, not sry. Because I love the art process.

3. My broseph, Pauliwog, went to a Synod Parish Dialogue Gathering and came back all, “We need to create great art, Nell, with our friends.” We’re still trying to decide what this means. But, we are working towards that.

Wouldja take a look at this handsome bloke. 

4. There is still a toddler at my house. Sometimes I’m the one who puts her to bed. This is her routine:
-She lies down, and baby-talks about her day to herself, as a kind of nighttime examen
-She tosses her pacifier away from her, then catches it, chews on the edge, then puts it in her mouth
-She grunts
-She abruptly tries to sit up, but is too tired to sit more than halfway
-She collapses, sighs a GIANT sigh, and falls asleep.

Did you care to know this? Maybe not. But, here it is all the same.

5. I have decided to travel more this year. Set a goal, right? My goal is: three times. Internationally, hopefully. I’m thinking I’ll need to stick to b-list destinations, or maybe destinations that never make an official “list” but are still cool. So, like, any suggestions? I love cultural experiences. And I like to travel affordably. And I don’t really speak anything except English. And I work in Detroit, so I’m not scared of places that people are generally scared of, but I’m not stupid, either, so no where too violent. Fire away, fire away. I’m pretty up to date on all my shots. Suggestions? I want ’em. Sell me.

This is taken in Detroit, which is kind of the opposite of traveling for me since I’m there every day for work and stuff. 

6. I started a duolingo Polish class today. We’ll see how it goes.

7. Praying another novena with my old lady brand of spirituality being displayed loud and proud. So loud, so proud. Hit me up if you need prayerz. Because heaven knows that I need ’em.

8. IS SPRINGTIME THE BEST OR WHAT?!?! Honestly, it’s like my heart is growing again.


Please remember to pray for meeeeeeeee. There are many of the things happening, and I could use the blessed guidance and love of the Holy Spirit all about. Gracias in advance, amigos.

2 thoughts on “Hello, blog

  1. I love that you brand your spiritual life as old lady.
    Here’s my mom’s recipe for fresh artichoke: wash by soaking in water and draining. Remove outer three or four layers of leaves and trim last inch of stem. If you like, you can use some kitchen shears to trim off the picky points of the leaves, though this is usually too fiddly for my mom.
    Steam for 15 to 20 minutes until the stem is very soft. Meanwhile make the marinade.
    Some olive oil, some vinegar of whatever flavor you like (white or red wine) Some mustard, such as dijon, or plain yellow is fine. Salt and pepper. Whisk together to emulsify.
    Now the fun part, you eat the artichoke by ripping off the leaves and dipping the tender bottom part in the marinade. Then scrap the leaf through your teeth. Don’t eat the whole leaf, just the tender part. When you get to the middle, cut out and throw away the hairy choke. Marinate the heart and stem in the oil mixture and eat later, or save to put on a salad.

    Wow, that was long.

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