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Circus strong!!!!

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Did you want to take a quick minute and talk about CIRCUS?!?!

I thought so.

Yo, so, I showed up at class yesterday and the teachers said, “Nell, come here,” and I did and they handed me an envelope and I was like, “What’s this?” AND IT TURNS OUT IT WAS TWO FREE TICKETS TO THE CIRCUS THIS COMING SUNDAY BECAUSE I HAD ENTERED A RAFFLE AND FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT IT. Oh heck yes. The real deal circus, downtown. Oh heck yes.

Get pumped.

Also, in case you wanted to watch me execute what is known as a “star drop,” here you have it…

The THRILL, I tell you!

(She holds my foot because I’m trying to correct my form, there).

(Does any of that look comfortable? It’s not. I actually bruised the fleshy flab above the armpit on my right arm. I’m OK with that, though).

Gosh, I love the circus. It helps me appreciate the wonder of my body, flipping through the air. Yes yes yes. Thanks be to God.

2 thoughts on “Circus strong!!!!

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that video.


    you. are. my. hero.

    you go gurl.

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