This is my Camino. Welcome.

Advent Wednesday #4

This train was chugging past while I waited in the adjacent parking lot. But, it was a nice day, so I stood outside, standing on the dirty grass/ weed/ wildflower patch that separated lot from train tracks. And I photographed that plant and that train. Ta da.
Today my office was closed and soooooooo I had a day off. What luck!

I went back and forth to different stores, finishing up my last-minute shopping. The print shop! The grocery store! The stationary store! The chocolate store! What fun!

I know, a lot of people get stressed out this time of year. And, truth to be told, I kind of do, too. But! Still! There are lights keeping the darkness away! And every night I work on more crafts–gifts for the people who surround me, people I love. Sometimes the crafts implode and then I’m forced to engineer myself to new lengths of creativity. And today I met a friend for lunch! And soon there will be PARTIES!

And, if that wasn’t enough–today it was warm enough for me to ride my bike. In Michigan. In December.

Thank you, coming-baby-Jesus.


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