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Print on print/ brown on brown

On Sunday I went to mass and some teenagers were doing a great job lectoring. Homegirl second reading (I think) went up to the ambo with a polka dot shirt and a striped skirt and I was like, “Shut the door, girl, you’re making it count.”

Because all of the people know that I’m pro print on print on print on print.

And that’s the route I walked today.

I’ve told you before that people walk up to me all the time like, “Do you want my clothes,” right? Well, they do. Maybe they feel sorry for me? Discuss.

Anyway, this lady at my work gave me three different wrap-skirts…but this is my favorite one. It’s a kilt-style, but the pattern is in a bunch of browns.

Oh, and I wore my beloved lady-jacket. I actually haven’t worn it much this year for some strange reason. But, I wore it today and my cube-mate was like, “Hey, nice jacket.”

And I was like, “I KNOW.”

Because I am Han Solo.

Just kidding, I'm just me!
Just kidding, I’m just me!

And then I helped teach a knitting class at the local library, wearing a scarf knit for me by Colleen.

Knitting is not my favorite…but I do like teaching. BALANCE.

Keep it real, kidlets.

2 thoughts on “Print on print/ brown on brown

  1. If, perchance, you don’t want all three of those wrap skirts, pass’em along! I might be able to help you out with that. 😉

    PS- I wore some warm red tights today and thought of you with my flare of color to my drab dark outfit. Thanks a million for your stylin’ role-model-ship in my life! 😀

    1. I would honestly have put the two others in the mail TODAY, only, they’re woolen blends. Boo!!
      Hey, did you know that there’s a new fabric warehouse out here in Clawson, though?!? Hmmmmmmm. Another reason to party. 😀

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