GASP! Picture of yoga! There's controversy over yoga in Christian circles, ya'll. And since it's no surprise that I'm Catholic, I know about this. Still sorting through it all. 🙂 Anyway! I went and yoga'ed and snapped this shot of Jessica as we were wrapping up. Is there a rule against snapping yoga-pictures? I feel... Continue Reading →

Life update: exhausted

When I decided I wanted to come back from the Camino and "hit the ground running" I guess I was way underestimating how fast I would need to run...and what distance. On Sunday I decided I would go to mass and then leave on an intense bike ride and go hiking and be outside and... Continue Reading →

Insight into my brain as I lector

Today's reading reads like poetry. "Moses did exactly as the LORD had commanded him." Would that the same could be said of us. (Too bad I am still working out most of my fears). "On the first day of the first month of the second year the Dwelling was erected." What they're saying is: it... Continue Reading →

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