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Monday, Monday. Wherein I ask for input.

sandyI was walking around the city today and I came across this man who talked to me about gluten-free Matzoh and cold soups and kosher deli-meat.

His name is Sandy. We were both sitting outside listening to some jazz at an outdoor stage when he inquired about the soup I was eating (recipe link, thanks Martha! I used Greek yogurt and no mint, FYI). I told him that I grew the basil in my garden. He gave me a sample of his super-smooth mozzarella (infused with goat’s milk! Purchased at Whole Foods!). It was a lovely meeting.

And then he left and this other guy who used to stalk me came up to me and freaked me out. La la la, making security reports.

True story.

Gahhhhh. City living.

Some guys playing chess. I don't know either of them, don't worry (i.e. neither is teh stalker)
Some guys playing chess. I don’t know either of them, don’t worry (i.e. neither is teh stalker)

Anyway! I have named this week the “Week of the Sundress.” I feel cheated out of nice weather, honestly. June wasn’t that sunny. Apparently July was lovely, but I was out of town…and last week was like the FALL TIME. SO! I’ve resolved to wear my favorite sun dresses every day this week.

TODAY! I literally don't have a head.
TODAY! I literally don’t have a head.

If you want in on the fun, lemme know. If you want, maybe you can even be featured in WHAT I WORE WEDNESDAY. Oh yes.

Dresses are the best…because you put one on and you’re done. And everyone’s all, “Man, that’s a great outfit!” and you’re, “I literally just zipped a zipper right now.”

Hey! Want to provide input on something? Pretend like there’s something mad-fun in the works that involves biking and eating and hanging out with awesome people…and that I happen to think the St. Benedict medal is THE STUFF so, in designing a T-shirt I was like, “What do I most want on a shirt? Hmmm…easy: THE ST. BENEDICT MEDAL.”

If all of those are true: which of these do you prefer? (Also, comment if you’re a dude or a lovely damsel because that might tie into things. Not sure. Just pondering).

Rough concept: Bike with tires that are the St. Benedict medal.
Rough concept: Bike with tires that are the St. Benedict medal.
Rough concept: the back of the St. Benedict's medal (my favzies side) in a bike tire.
Rough concept: the back of the St. Benedict’s medal (my favzies side) in a bike tire.

Comment, comment!

  • Which design do you prefer?
  • Feelings on soup. Go.
  • What are your thoughts on this move by Natalie Portman? I’m intrigued.

4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday. Wherein I ask for input.

  1. 1) The bike is much cooler. What about having monk in a habit riding it!
    2) There’s a lot of soup that’s mediocre. In my opinion the liquid to solid ratio is far too often excessively on the liquid side. I like my food to be food and not hot, salty, liquid. That being said I have had some Delicious soups (usually with hearty chunks of meat and gluten 😉
    3) That was very humorous to read but I’m not convinced it’s actually Natalie Portman posting it. Isn’t she married?

    1. 1) I don’t understand why you people like this one more. Silliness.
      2) GLUTEN-SOUP! It’s gravy at that point, really. 😉
      3) I CHECKED THE INTERNET! By golly, she is married. For the record: they met during her filming of “The Black Swan” and now they live in Paris. Ta da!

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