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Wherein the beauty of John Blase amazes me


I found these poems on the interwebs today…and they are blowing my mind.

I confess that I did not write them–they were written and blogged by a man named John Blase and you should visit his blog here so that your mind can be stretched with truth and beauty. And, because you might not do that, I’m going to copy some of his poems so that you’ll be convinced to read his stuff forever. But, because I feel bad, I shall only write the first line and then make you link. It’s because I’m not sure how copyright laws work regarding blogs and other blogs. (SO CLICK THE TITLES AND PREPARE FOR BEAUTY)


New Lease
Posted on January 20, 2013
by thebeautifuldue

It was weeks after the buzz, enough time for most
to get back to doing whatever it was they were doing
before he up and walked away from death….

Posted on December 10, 2012
by thebeautifuldue

(The ending line is the one that got me, and that one reads:)
…He was born to cherish us. This he
would accomplish even if it killed him.

Not Included in the Earliest and Most Reliable Manuscripts
Posted on September 21, 2012
by thebeautifuldue

A little boy named Jesus and a little girl named Sarah became thick friends. They did everything together, like searching for beauty in the sky and pausing together to listen for doves in the morning and running in the fragrant grass. One day a group of older boys began to bully Jesus, making fun of his questionable paternity…
Posted on September 13, 2012 by thebeautifuldue

The angels speak of it still,
that evening when the Son
approached the Father and
said in a romanced tongue:
Je suis responsable de ma rose.
Or, as the angels understood,
I am responsible for those I love…

(Confession: my mom says she “doesn’t get” this one…but it is STUNNING in my mind. ~Nell)
Posted on July 18, 2012
by thebeautifuldue

I sincerely believe the road to hell
is paved, but not with adverbs.
No, quite likely its paved with fallen
sparrows no one paused to grieve…

(Is that not HAUNTING?? “sparrows no one paused to grieve.” My gosh! ~Nell)

If you’re like me, you are right now blown away with wonder and appreciation. John Blase, thou hast edified my life.

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