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Letters! I like that the stamps say "Ahola" and then "Love." I imagine that they read, when read side-by-side, "Greetings, Love!"
Letters! I like that the stamps say “Ahola” and then “Love.” I imagine that they read, when read side-by-side, “Greetings, Love!”

Yesterday, a Thursday, I lectored. This is standard.

What’s not standard is the never-ending beauty in the Bible.

So, this:

We must consider how to rouse one another to love and good works.
We should not stay away from our assembly,
as is the custom of some, but encourage one another…

And I was like, beautiful words! (From Hebrews, btw) “We must consider how to rouse one another to love and good works…and encourage one another.”

I turned them over in my mind, trying to get them to stick, trying to figure out how to use this prompting.

I guess I don’t really know. But I did some things. First, I wrote some notes to people…hand-written and personal, and I used the “love” stamps giving to me by my grandparents for Christmas. 🙂

Secondly, I decided to share some food tips with you. Food is a lovely thing.

So! Let’s talk about quinoa. My mom bought a big ol’ bag from Costco, and I love it’s nutty flavor and protein-punch.

Last Monday (maybe?) my mom called me, I was running late from work and she asked, “What should I make you?”

So I said, “How about some quinoa?” It only takes a few minutes to boil, and I knew it would be ready by the time I came home.

And, she did! Fun fact: my mom preps for a party of ten at all times. This usually works as people are always dropping into our house and visiting and snacking and staying. Only, I was the only one who wanted the quinoa…and I now had what looked like a few cups of cooked quinoa. This was more than one eats in one sitting. So! Here are some of my favorite quinoa tricks for extra quinoa! 😀
Quinoa with pomegranate

We’re at the tail-end of pomegranate season, but I still have a few around. I’ve discovered that they pair FANTASTICALLY with quinoa for breakfast.

Personally, I like to heat the quinoa and then eat it with raisins and the pomegranate seeds and vanilla almond milk. Oh my gosh, so tasty! So full of awesome and antioxidants!

The flavors all balance each other out very well..the nutty quinoa and the distinct pomegranate and the loving vanilla. <3

Thai Quinoa Stir-fry
Guys, real talk, found this right here on the internet.

It should be known that I’ve been working with sauces for some time now…but when I tasted this one, I almost cried. It tastes great! Like, the kind of thing you wouldn’t be embarrassed to serve guests. 🙂

Also, it’s easy to make! Just throw cilantro, onion, garlic, sugar, hot sauce, and sesame oil in a food processor. Then add nuts (they say peanuts, I once made it with cashews and it was lovely) and lime (frankly: I’ve only ever had lemons and they haven’t let me down) to the food processor and you’re golden. More distinct amounts here (again). Now, I made this with a simple stir-fry and eyeballed the amounts. But, again, solid winner.

Bon appetit!

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy Super Bowl Sunday! Go have fun, rouse others to love and good works, and be encouraged.

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