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Seashell resolutions

It’s 2013. Time for New Year’s resolutions.

Fail to plan, plan to fail is what my ex-coworker’s ex-girlfriend’s father used to say.

Disclaimer: I give myself leave to do or not do these according to my new ideas and other whims.

If the Lord wills it, in 2013, I would like to

Does this not look magical and tasty? Muchas gracias to flickr and Dan Zen for the photo.
Does this not look magical and tasty? Muchas gracias to flickr and Dan Zen for the photo.
  • Master making delicious pad thai. This is #1 because it is excessively important.
  • Learn to finger wave my hair.
  • Pray the rosary everyday. (Or close to it.)
  • Make crafts for thirteen people in 2013. Post on the 13th of every month about said-people/ crafts. I have picked my lucky recipients from a recent Facebook challenge.
  • Buy and learn to play a ukulele.
  • Read the tons of books people have recommended to me
    1. Starter book Story of a Soul by St. Therese. Catholic Classic. I should have read it years ago, started and stopped. But, Fr. Pio was like, “You need to read it.” Because I’m obedient, I shall.
    2. The Fault In Our Stars and The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise which both were recommended with short, awesome synopses by my librarian wizard-friend, Kathryn.
    3. Bonus photo of finger waves AND a ukulele! Also from flickr.
      Bonus photo of finger waves AND a ukulele! Source.
    4. A book about St. Maximilian Kolbe lent to me by a friend. While I’m at it, I should read the book lent to me about Blessed I-Forgot-Her-Name and this other spiritual book given me by someone else. People think I’m into spiritual reading so they lend me books and I’m usually too busy to read them. And then I feel like a goober. BUT NOT IN 2013.
    5. A Francince Rivers book recommended by Lauren but whose title I have forgotten. I’ve still got time.
    6. A great literary classic. In all honestly, years ago one of my Facebook friends posted a list created by the BBC of one hundred great books. The challenge said, “Most people have only read six.” I just looked it up and recounted. I’ve read 25. 75 to go! So I’ll pick at least one, hopefully two to finish.
    7. Speak by Laurie Harlse, recommended by my dear friend Paul. And he’s good at recommending things.
    8. The documents of the Second Vatican Council. I don’t actually believe I’ll do this one.
  • Brush up my Spanish
  • Pray more. 1/2 hour more a day is my goal.
  • Take a group to Spain. Walk the Camino de Santiago. Get exhausted. Have a great time.
  • Learn to write in cursive. This has been a goal of mine for years. I’ve just never done it.
  • Look into graduate programs.
  • Maybe apply for a graduate program
  • Teach some swing classes.
  • Teach a skirt-making class. (Per requests)
  • Dance.
  • Master being GF and hopefully lose some of the weight I gained in this Meat Free/ Gluten-Free process.
  • This swimming pose makes little sense...but it sure looks cute. Photographer here.
    This swimming pose makes little sense…but it sure looks cute. Source.
  • Learn to swim. So that I can:
  • Triathlon. This can be a goal for next year, too. Just because I probs won’t be super good at swimming in one year. I don’t even know where one finds a swimming pool.
  • Perfect my circus skillz
  • Learn to make tasty GF potluck dishes so I feel like I a decent, contributing feminine member of society.
  • Sew.
  • Turn older. Dream of being this fabulous one day.
  • Write a musical. Maybe some plays. Maybe some stories.
  • Stargaze. Dream.
  • Create some more.
  • Be loved by Jesus.

It’s good to have a plan.

I feel better already.

Any awesome resolutions out there that you want to share??

9 thoughts on “Seashell resolutions

  1. Watch the movie, “Rupert.” It has a love moral and is very cute and reflective of you and would be a lively play for you to perform with the right crew.

  2. I’ve found that ukuleles are also brother annoyance tools. Successfully irritated both of mine as I learn some chords and a short song.

  3. love love LOVE how you added resolutions that are totally achievable along with ones that will stretch you. So smart you are!

    Also, the books I recommended are by Francine Rivers. They are her Mark of the Lion Trilogy. The are (in order) A Voice in the Wind, An Echo in the Darkness, As Sure as the Dawn. Read them. They will change your life. Amen.

  4. I love writing in cursive (it’s the best part about taking notes) and can assist and motivate you in your attaining your goal! 🙂

    1. You’re the best! I was thinking of going to a teacher store or something and buying a little-kid book. Maybe I’ll even award myself with stickers. 😀

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