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Camino 2023 | Portuguese Route

The Camino de Santiago is a network of trails throughout Europe, ending in the north of Spain, where tradition holds that St. James is buried. People have travelled to Santiago for centuries, on “pilgrimage” or “sacred journey.”

Each pilgrimage is as unique as the individual walking the way, but those who complete the pilgrimage often relate experiences of hope, connection, and growth.


“The Camino” actually refers to several different routes, all ending in Santiago.
The most popular route (sometimes called “The French Way”) starts in France and crosses the nation of Spain, travelling west.

The Portuguese Route begins in Portugal and travels north to Santiago. Even this route splits into two options–one along the coast of the ocean, the other more inland.


Those who journey on the Camino travel by foot, bicycle, or horseback.
Pilgrims stop in simple but clean accomodations for the night, meet people from around the world, and experience the country via the intimate pace of walking or riding. Pilgrims pack simply for the journey–all of their items in a backpack.

About Us

My name is Danielle. I have had the grace to walk the English Route, part of the French Route, and the entire Northern Route of the Camino de Santiago. In total I have walked 800 miles of Camino. Each experience has held grace beyond what I could imagine. I began considering organzing this trip for those who have a desire to make this pilgrimage, but perhaps need a friend to help them take the first step (…and be there along the way!)

My commitment is to help lower barriers so more people can experience the grace available on this incredible experience.

Every once in a while, a friend reaches out and asks me about the Camino. A few months back, that was Beth.
We met over drinks, talked Camino, and she went on to complete her compostela on the French Route–some 500 miles.

I mentioned to Beth this past winter (2022) that I was planning a trip on the Portuguese Way. Turns out…she was too! Same dates and everything! We decided to take it as a sign and join forces. <3


  • Camino 2023
  • Portuguese Route
  • 150 Miles
  • Fatima – Porto – Santiago
  • September 1-16*
  • *In the event that a handful of pilgrims require a trip with a shorter timeline, there will be a “Plan B” option, beginning in VIGO, SPAIN Saturday, September 8th. This would allow additional pilgrims to join for the final week of hiking.

The Camino attracts people of all ages and stages of life. Beth and I are both Catholic, our friend Father Mario Amore plans to walk this trip as well as chaplain (he’s the pastor of St. Aloysius in Detroit!). With him, we’ll have daily Mass and other prayerful expression.
People from different faith journeys are welcome, but heads up that many of us will make space for prayer throughout the day.


April 2023 – Grand Announcement!
May 4, 2023 – Info meeting (Royal Oak, MI)
June 15, 2023 – All sign-ups finalized
July 1, 2023 – Deposits for lodging reservations paid
September 1 – Fly to Portugal!

I have no way of describing this, but in some times and in certain ways, the Camino lights a spark in a person. It begins callling to that person, gently but persistently. Maybe that person is you. In that case….your journey has already begun.




You’ll need to handle this yourself. I imagine that many folks will be flying from the Detroit-area, I can assist you in making flight recommendations, but the rest depends on you (and any airline points you want to use)! Plan on $1,000-$1,500 for a flight.

Ground Transport

$50-100 from the airport to Fatima, Fatima to Porto, etc.


There are small shops and restaurants all along the Camino. Most pilgrims pay $20-30 per day in food. You’ll cover this yourself, too. I both love cooking and have dietary restrictions, so I make a lot of my own food on the Camino. If you ever want to pitch in $$ and share, I’m down.


Between $20-30 per day. We’ll stay in hostel-like accomodations along the route. I plan on making reservations for us at a few of these, and will alert you to the price in June, so we can pay before we arrive (and reserve our spot!)


In gratitude to our chaplain for his service, $75.


$100 (Laundry, pharmacy needs, supplies along the way)


~ $1900 – $2650 (The range will depend on your final flight, how much you want to eat/ drink, if you take public trans or an Uber, etc)

You’ll also need gear for the Camino. If you have outdoor gear already, you’re in a good spot! If not, you’ll need:
-A good pair of hiking boots
-Hiking Backback
-Water Bladder
-Hiking Socks
-Sleeping bag

Etc. These add up, too, so build your budget accordingly. We’ll talk more in depth about supplies at our info meeting

<– Fr. Mario and Beth minister at St. Aloysius in Detroit. Consider hanging out with them both on this Camino and the rest of the time, too!
This journey is in partnership with them!

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