Easter-y things. <3

Father Pio called me. ❤ And he wished me, “…many, many, life-changing, heart-expanding Easter graces." Isn’t that lovely? And, so was Easter. Surprises and friends and prayer times. The best times. My favorite thing is the Easter Vigil. And it isn’t everyone’s favorite thing, but it is my favorite thing. Because I love listening to... Continue Reading →

Holy Week Things

So. It’s Holy Week. On Sunday I leaned Against the dark-stained pew, Eyes closed, Reciting the sacred story With the faithful. There was a gold-gilt cross in the sanctuary, My favorite Lenten hymn, And moms standing with cameras When I walked in, Photographing their children altar-servers. Holy Week is so many things, So many experiences.... Continue Reading →

What about when you have to wait?

On Sunday, after church and church-y things, I sat around with my brothers and the young, tall priest at my parents’ church and he was like, “Do you guys just want to jam?” because that’s how he talks. So, they began playing. They tried to stick to songs that the small crowd mingling about would... Continue Reading →

Stained with salt

One of the hard things for me is expressing negativity. And it’s not that I don’t experience hard times and dark days, because I do. I just have a hard time saying words that express that, or piecing together the phrases that mean, “so, like, today, I can barely remember what hope feels like,” because... Continue Reading →

Marks in all shades

I’ve been reading a few things online about those multiple shades of grey (but not many things, because as a child I learned about “be careful, little eyes, what you see,” and, even though I wasn’t aware of the internet then, I’m aware of it now, and the truth of the phrase still remains.) I... Continue Reading →

On The Feast of St. Stephen

The day after Christmas is the Feast of St. Stephen, The very first martyr of the church. It's recorded that, as he was sharing the news of Jesus, The crowd grew agitated and upset And rushed upon Stephen to kill him. I went to mass yesterday, so I heard the story. These words, in particular,... Continue Reading →

Things that are beautiful.

I had a phenomenal literature teacher in high school, the kind whose words stick with me, daily popping into my thought-pattern. This is grace. He was a pastor in Detroit, “pastor” but not “priest,” FYI; but sometimes he would remind me, (sometimes), that his oldest sister was a nun, and one of his earliest memories... Continue Reading →

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